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Our Most Popular Book Publishing Packages - At a Glance
Choose the self-publishing package tailored to your needs. Or create your own custom package by selecting just the services you need. Tell us about your special requirements. Guaranteed great results. Every time! Get a personalized quote now.
In the table below, click on a package title for more details about each package.
Included in package
Available at extra cost
Package Price
Shipping is extra
$299 *
$159 *
50 copies of your book
up to 200 B&W pages, full colour cover
50 copies of your book
up to 26 colour pages
File preparation
Cover design
Interior layout
- Typography
- Front Matter
- Table of Contents
- Placement of Illustrations
Colour Cover
Wire-O binding
Perfect binding
Hardcover and
Smythe sewn binding
Expert editing up to 200 pages for grammar, flow, punctuation, and typos
500 Business Cards
250 Postcards
50 Posters
50 Promotional Book Covers
ISBN assignment
Bar code artwork
Google Book Search citation
Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) registration
Books in Print™ citation
Special pricing for marketing materials kit or front matter package when ordered with any publishing package. Prices are slightly higher in the US due to Library of Congress registration fees.
Marketing materials are available à la carte, too. Editorial, design, and pre-press services are available separately for every project. We also make large posters and banners. Ask your publishing assistant for a quote. We recommend uploading a sample chapter so we can provide you with a concise estimate.
Terms of use for ISBN assignment. ISBN, (International Standard Book Number), assignments identify a single unique publication. At the discretion of the purchaser and during the production of the title, CreateBooks assigns and manages ISBN assignments on behalf of the author, copyright holder, or their appointed agent to ensure that no duplication occurs. The ISBN prefix identifies CreateBooks as the publisher. The copyright holder or their appointed agent purchasing the ISBN service from CreateBooks retains ALL usage, copyright and distribution rights.
Copyright ownership is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
The intellectual property incorporated in the publication produced by CreateBooks on behalf of the purchaser remains the property of the author or the copyright holder. The author or copyright holder agrees that CreateBooks cannot be held accountable or liable for any subsequent copyright or distribution dispute. Our lawyers made us say this.

Select from a variety of binding options. Trade 'paperbacks' have Perfect bindings and soft covers. All Hard Cover books are genuine Smythe-sewn library editions. Plasti-Coil and Wire-O bindings are available in a variety of diameters and colours. Coil style bindings rest flat on desks and fold over covers. Consider coil for manuals, conferences, kids' books, and cookbooks, etc.
Ask your publishing assistant for details.
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