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Make it simple for people to find your book on the web with Google Book Search. The CreateBooks strategy enables everyone to find your book on the web—in the context they're searching for—and buy a copy easily by linking directly to your preferred online bookseller.
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Createbooks give you the tools you need to market and distribute your titles economically without giving up control.
Take advantage of marketing support kits and complete self-publishing packages.
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We're focused on helping you leverage your network by making the most of the web. Mant emerging authors are driven by a passion for their topic rather than the details of marketing and segment behaviour.
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We recognize that entering the market places competing demands on authors' time so we support your effort in distinct ways. We provide you with manageable—that is, small—quantities of books and marketing materials to help make your talks and presentations memorable for readers.
The Web is a Great Way to Get Started
With respect to broader distribution, we've learned that the web often achieves better traction than conventional retailing.
This is simply a matter of building volume by helping folks discover your book naturally, delivering smaller initial inventories, and building confidence.
Consider the web as a way of introducing your book and creating interest. Online book review services, ( and Kirkus Discoveries Book Review, for example), press releases, and popular book clubs are good starting points.
CreateBooks Marketing Support
We're in the business of helping authors get their books delivered. The marketing exposure you need to sell more copies is the next challenge you face and represents the measure of success—who reads you book.
Successful marketing and sales methods range from favourable reviews in the press and traditional media to building a groundswell with well organized, informal word of mouth campaigns. Visit John Kremer's Book Marketing and Selling Books site and Brian Jud's Book Marketing Works for useful ideas and free resources for authors on a budget.
You'll find a great marketing planning discussion here. A good overview of the book marketing industry that's accessible for small scale publishing is at Note that many of the resources are available through subscribing publishers rather than directly to authors, so ask your publishing assistant for help.
Stand on the Shoulders of Giants
You can choose the best deal from among established online bookstores like Amazon, Alibris, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, and others around the world to sell and deliver your book. Compare prices at 126 book stores at CreateBooks helps you minimize costs and reach your intended audience. Ask your publishing assistant for more details.
An important goal for many self-published authors is to get their new work in front of the public and gauge readers' reactions. Many independent authors want to focus their attention on a small market segment while others want to make their book widely available without taking huge risks. It makes sense to perform small scale market tests that rely on short run print runs—quantities of hundreds rather than thousands of copies.
Distribution of a single independently published book is unlikely in the conventional mainstream distribution market. As a result, a robust independent book market has emerged on the web and self-distribution yields great results for emerging authors. Even though conventional distribution channel can reach a large audience of prospective booksellers and buyers, it's disadvantage is that only 'front list' titles are considered because large marketing budgets are required to drive sales. Consider using more expensive trade distribution methods once there's enough demand to drive sales volume.

Independent distributors and direct online sales serve new authors very well because they reach enormous audiences by relying on the strength of search engines and focused internet marketing techniques. Amazon and Alibris are among the most successful booksellers.

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