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Is Self Publishing for Me?
Why Self Publish?
Why CreateBooks?

Why Self Publish?
If you need a few books for limited distribution or want to test the waters, it's quicker, less expensive, and far less stressful to publish your own book. New and emerging authors often have difficulty getting the attention of mainstream publishers because traditional, large publishing houses are organized around the idea of selling large numbers of books of general interest to the widest possible audience.
You'll need a plan to create your book and sell it. Read a great introductory article posted by the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia. Another useful author's point of view is posted by The Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia. Find more Author's resources here and further reading about marketing here.

Why CreateBooks?
CreateBooks sole purpose is to serve individual author's needs. We provide you with affordable, professionally printed books and the services to get you to market confidentally. Simply put, CreateBooks is your publishing assistant.
You control the form of the book—trade paperback, hardcover library edition, etc., and we take care of the details. Order quantity is also your decision. You get high quality books and retain copyright and all rights of reuse. There are no royalty agreements or long term contracts to sign.
If you intend to place your book into general distribution, we can help you with all the administrative minutaie—ISBN assignment, bar codes, Books in Print citations, CIP and legal deposit.

I'm ready to go! How do I submit my manuscript?
CreateBooks makes it easy to publish your masterpiece. Send us a sample chapter and we'll send you back a quote. Your publishing assistant will help you every step of the way and ensure you get exactly what you want. Do it yourself or assign the editing, design, and production tasks.
Download a free copy of I Have Finished a Book, What is Next? (92K PDF) by Dahk and Jan Knox of Black Forest Press. Even though the piece includes a bit of self-promotion, it provides a frank overview of the issues worth considering when publishing your book. There's also a useful review of the differences between the process of self-publishing and conventional publishing houses.
Using Microsoft Word for Windows
You can create a printable manuscript easily in MS Word. Download our concise guide.
What size will my book be?
You can choose sizes from 5 inches by 8 inches to 8.4 inches by 10.9 inches. Oversize books are also within reach.
What book binding options do I have?book binding options
You have a choice of Perfect Binding, Hard Cover, Wire-O, and Plasti-Coil.
All our hard cover books are genuine Smythe-sewn library editions. Trade 'paperbacks' have soft covers with flexible, perfect bindings. Plasti-Coil and Wire-O bindings are available in a variety diameters and colours. Coil style bindings rest flat on desks and fold over covers. Consider coil for for manuals, conferences, kids' books, and cookbooks, etc.
Will I see a proof before my book is printed?
Yes. We'll email you a paginated PDF file for your approval before we proceed with printing.
How long will it take to publish my book?
From the time we receive your press-ready files, it can take up to 30 days to print your book.
There are a number of variables to consider when estimating the time it takes to produce your book. Pre-press or the preparation of the typography, page layouts, illustrations, cover and bindery method selected all play a part.
Depending on format choices and the kind of manuscript you provide, we may need a week or two to prepare an electronic proof for you to review and approve.
Other considerations that may delay or accelerate publication dates include proofreading, editing, illustration and book design. Special requirements such as finished size, paper stock, and bindery methods can also impact the delivery schedule.

Answers about manuscript, design and editing help
What if I need help with my manuscript?
Looking for some advice or a second opinion on your work? Manuscript evaluation services are available from many organizations including the Writers’ Union of Canada. Keep in mind you will have to submit a fee up front for this service and is in no way a guarantee of a bestseller. Find more contacts and advice on the resources page and the further reading sidebar.
Where to I go for help with editing, proofreading, illustration, covers, or book design? CreateBooks can help throughout the process of producing your book. We have a dedicated network of editors, proofreaders and visual designers to give your book the lift it needs. We can help.

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