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Trafford’s Legacy Classic

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Save money—Buy only what you need
Our self publishing and book printing solutions are ideal for short run books, seminars, and family histories.
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Get the books you want without paying expensive royalty fees. Reuse, re-purpose, and edit your work. Sell your work when and where you want, and keep ALL the profit.
Not Convinced of Our Veracity? Compare our service and pricing with other large self-publishing houses. Check the Apples to Apples Comparion of Print on Demand Publishers at, an unbiased authors' resource.
Buy global distribution services only if you need them.
The Human Touch
We’re with you all the way. Speak with an expert. Reach us any time by phone, toll free 1-866-470-BOOK (2665) or email. Get started with a quick quote and see the difference.
Make a lasting impression with your book. Compare CreateBooks and you’ll find you get more books and have more fun doing it. We build long-term relationships with our clients.
What's The Difference?
Authors are choosing to self publish in dramatically increasing number and, as a result, hundreds of self publishing companies are scrambling to serve this expanding market. Everyone offers to publish your book better than the others. CreateBooks prtins your books. You retain all your rights. You keep all the profits. No royalty agreements to sign
Self Publishing with a Purpose
CreateBooks is a well organized operation where every project gets personal attention. Your publishing assistant stays with you throughout your project.
Control Your Project
When copies of your book are finally delivered, the most noticeable difference will be in your level of satisfaction. Author satidfaction is often based on how much control you've had during the process and whether people listened to you along the way. The value of the final product can be measured by
- Quote and schedule
- Keeping promises
- Service and Flexibility
- Printing quality
- Legal rights
...and, of course, how the book actually feels in your hands.

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